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Baby & Me Blog Posts

Unbiased and Educated Opinions for Everything Baby!

  • 20 Minutes to Get Dressed and 5 Minutes to Get Cold.

    Have you ever had that dreaded outdoor family play date in the cold or an invite to a chilly day out? Every parent will have one of those days where if you hadn’t “committed” you’d curl your little ones up with a warm blanket or focus on indoor activities. However, you’ve committed so the dreaded putting on all the warm clothes begins. Every parent wants their child to be cute and look adorable but being a mother of a 2.5 year old and who grew up in Northern B.C. you also want them to be warm – above anything else! Still, you don’t look forward to spending 20 minutes getting them dressed to only have them complain after 5 minutes about wanting to go home or go inside.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been the parent who was more interested in getting the ooohhhs and aaaahhhs and the “she’s so cute” comments but now I’m the parent more interested in the comments like “Wow, she’s so happy and not complaining and she’s been out here all day…and it’s cold out here.”

    Several weeks ago my husband’s ball team had their fall playoffs. Normally, weather permitting we would come to cheer them on. Then I got the call – could I sub for them at their 8am Sunday game. Normally, not a problem…but the weather had turned to being chilly and cool and that meant we had to be out of the house and heading to the fields by 7:15am. My thoughts went beyond just wanting to play to thinking there is no way that our daughter will manage as it’s cold out and she’ll be miserable. But, my response was to play, and cross my fingers that our daughter will enjoy it. We put on our ski pants, ski jacket, mittens and hat then ventured out. The fall temperatures were pretty chilly but not cold, and we fortunately had dry days, so I expected some odd looks from those at the field whose children were dressed in only pants and fall coats. Most of those children didn’t end up moving much as they were bundled up in blankets to stay warm. Our daughter was the one up and about, cheering on the team and playing with her toys. She had a great time and we were able to stay through our next games while she continued playing, laughing and cheering. Many parents commented on how well she did despite the chilly temperatures.

    We kept her bundled up despite the sunny day and warming weather and it wasn’t until about 1pm when we were about to the start the quarter finals before we finally took off her coat and put on a vest. People said she looked like a little fireman in her ski pants. I guess we could call this a day of success in that having her warm proved to be pleasant for everyone, especially her, and allowed my husband and I to play our games without worrying about her being comfortable.

    So back to my point of being prepared for the cold - if you and I are chilly then you can guarantee our little ones already are. If they are protected from the elements not only will they enjoy themselves and play outside till their hearts content, but we as parents can do the same. By keeping them warm and protected, not only are we hopefully keeping away the cold germs, we are letting them enjoy the fresh fall air. And of course, all that fresh air is good for their little bodies but also helps them sleep like babies…a win win for EVERYONE!

    (-written by Tanya Miles)




  • To cloth diaper or not to cloth diaper. That is the question.

    If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that you’re giving cloth diapers some thought.  A good idea indeed.  I’m a lover of these diapers and in this blog entry I’ll try to outmuscle the Pampers and Huggies marketing machine and show you that the cloth diapers of our generation are pretty darn fantastic.

    If you’re a Coles notes kind of gal or guy, who doesn’t have time to read my thesis dissertation hailing the benefits of cloth, I’ll cut to the chase and give you my top 6 reasons for kicking disposables to the curb.

    Why I ‘heart’ cloth diapers and maybe you should too.

    • I ‘heart’ the planet I live on. It’s pretty swell and I’d prefer that my children, your children, and their friends get to enjoy it too. Disposables aren’t just about heaving landfills. They’re about mining, extraction and deforestation to get the raw materials to produce the diaper (and don’t forget the packaging).
    • Oh natural. Meaning no liquid-loving gels, dyes or plastics (and any other mystery mechanics of a disposable diaper).  You’re baby’s bottom deserves better!
    • Hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars to put towards great toys, a child RSP, or new brakes for your car.
    • Gain without the pain. I don’t’ have to worry about throwing out my shoulder, carting a massive box of disposables home from Costco.
    • Countless used disposable diapers mean countless trips to the garbage bin (and don’t forget recycling your massive Costco box).
    • So freaking cute. Yes, this may seem like a fickle argument, but man oh man, you haven’t seen a cute baby bum until you’ve seen one in a cloth diaper. And keep in mind, these aren’t your grandma’s diaper’s (errr…her babies’ diapers). The designs and technology for cloth these days are pretty darn cutting edge and hip, even.

    Yes, but…

    I don’t want to pretend that there isn’t a very real dilemma that most parents face when it comes to cloth. The dilemma focuses largely on two questions: can I handle (figuratively and literally) the poop and, if laundry is a hassle already, will cloth diapers make this chore an epic headache.

    My answers are pretty simple. Yes. And No.  Yes, as a parent, you can handle the poop.  Sure there are the occasional days that you have to get down and dirty with cloth but for the most part it’s pretty darn straightforward and, if you really want to make it easy, you can use liners.  My second answer is no. No laundry isn’t an epic headache.  You’ll find yourself in a routine so quickly you’ll wonder why you ever fretted about it.   Top loading and front loading washers both work just fine.  I have a high efficiency front loader and for the past 18 months I’ve washed my diapers over and over again with nothing but ease (really, no exaggeration).

    Ready, set, go.

    If you’re in, and ready to get started on cloth superstardom, you should know (if you haven’t discovered this already) that like every single baby product on the market, there’s an insane number of options when it comes to cloth – including brands and designs.  This is where I segway from I ‘heart’ cloth diapers to I ‘heart’ FLIP cloth diapers.

    FLIP is the reason that I’ve never looked back on my decision to pass on disposables.   Here’s my top 5 reasons why they just make sense:

    • They’re a pre-fold option. You have an insert that easily tucks into a cover so you don’t have to wash the entire diaper each and every time it’s used – you just have to wash the insert.  The cover can be dried out very quickly – 2-3 times before hitting the diaper pail. This is a big plus because (and thank goodness for this) you’ll see far more wet diapers than dirty ones
    • The size is flexible. A sturdy and surprisingly easily adjustable three-size design means your diaper grows with your baby.  Just a few simple snaps and you can go from diapering an 10lb baby to a 25lb toddler.
    • The design is quality and it’s solid.  Essentially blowouts (not frequent but always huge, mind-boggling poops that erupt from the diaper at the most inconvenient and embarrassing times), are contained within the ‘fortress’ of the diaper.
    • They have great colours and patterns. There’s endless (in a good way) options for baby bottom fashion.

    I purchased my FLIP diapers at Baby & Me, mostly because Don, the store owner, was so confident that I would be happy with them – largely for the same reasons I’ve identified above. Baby & Me also sells BumGenius which is the all-in-one diaper (no inserts or covers).  If you want to go that route, I have several friends that can attest to the quality and functionality of this design.

    Once you’ve settled on your cloth diapers, you’ll need a few accessories.  Here’s my picks:

    • Diaper pail. You’ll use this every single day so don’t just grab any oversized, (and hideously unattractive) container. Think functional and think good design.  Most pails are in the baby room so a nice subtle design that gets the job done (contains the smell) is the way to go.  In other words, the Ubi diaper pail. It has a sleek, narrow profile (why do I feel like I’m selling a cell phone?) and a simple top, sliding door.  No smell escapes that door.
    • Diaper liners/bags. You’ll need two of them.  If you do go the Ubi route, they have very good, durable bags.
    • Cloth diaper detergent. Rock and Green is the most popular but Bum Genius is also a great option.
    • Wet bag. You can start with one bag but you’ll probably land on two. I bought the ____________bags and they’ve been superb.  These are great to toss in your diaper bag, backpack or glove compartment so when you’re on the go, you can do a cloth diaper change with no mess, moisture or smell.
    • If you want to use liners, you can go the disposable or reusable route.
    • If you’re already washing your diapers, than adding a few extra cloth wipes just makes sense. Believe it or not, all you need is water to wipe baby’s bottom.  No chemicals or perfumes or wasted money on disposable wipes.  I recommend Prince Lionheart cloth wipes or Bummis Cotton Cloth Wipes.

    That’s it. You’re set. The washing instructions are on the diapers and on the detergent. Getting started is ridiculously easy.

    My last beat on the cloth diaper drum

    To wrap it up, congratulations if you’re signing on to cloth diapers. It’s interesting that there was a time when most of our parents were convinced by friends, family and Pampers/Huggies, that disposables were the way to go.  At long last, there’s a growing number of parents that can say “I beg to differ.”

    (-Written by Colleen Sondermann)





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