Everything you need know for finding your perfect stroller.

by Don Blevens
Did you know the average parent buys four strollers? Seriously! For many new parents, finding the perfect stroller is a task that can be daunting and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! This guide has been put together to explain the different types of strollers and their functionality. We’ve also given tips on what to look for when shopping for strollers. From the wheels to the canopy we’ve got you covered. The first thing you want to do before you start looking at strollers is think about and imagine where you want to use your stroller. Whether its around your neighbourhood, through the trails, on the beach or all of the above. Knowing where you’re going to take your stroller is going to dictate the type of stroller you’ll need. Second, imagine what you’ll do with your stroller. Meaning, are you going to just walk with it, go for the occasional jog or run five days a week with it. What you do with your stroller will also help to narrow things down for you. Still unsure? No problem, the last page of this guide features a small quiz. Answer of few easy questions and we will give you our recommendation for a stroller that suits your needs the stroller we think is best for you. Still need some help?
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