Is there anything more important than
taking care of our own community? We don't think so...


    As a child, I remember receiving help from my community when my family needed it. I remember what it meant to me and how it made my family feel that we weren't alone. I am not giving you these examples of what we do for our community to toot our own horn. I do it to hopefully give you examples of how you and other stores can support their community and to assure you that your money is being spent with a company that cares.
    • Every year we donate hundreds for sleep sacks to the Kelowna Food Bank's Tiny Bundles Program in an attempt to create a safer sleeping environment for infants in our community.
    • We support many, many local fundraising events each year.
    • We adopt families each year around the holidays.

    We will continue to do everything we can to make a difference.  We hope you will join us.