Medela 150ml Bottle + Calma
Medela 150ml Bottle + Calma
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Medela 150ml Bottle + Calma Nipple


    Breast is best, but sometimes we cannot always breastfeed naturally. The Calma Breastfeeding Bottle System is designed just for this reason. It’s also great for Moms that need some “mom-time” or want Dad to bond with baby. Calma allows babies to maintain their natural feeding behaviours that they have learned on the breast, allowing seamless transitions from breast to bottle and back, giving mom a little more freedom. The single size of the Calma bottles is the perfect size for the entire breastfeeding period, just as nature intended. How does it work? With Calma, the milk will only flow if your baby works and creates a vacuum to remove the milk, just like with Mom’s breast.

    Helpful Tips when Feeding with Calma:

    • Place a small pillow on your lap to help support baby as needed.

    • Put baby on his or her side with head slightly elevated, bottom towards you belly.

    • Baby’s head should be up, lined up with his or her body, and chin slightly forward.

    • Baby’s arm and shoulders should be forward and rounded.

    • Tickle baby’s top lip with the nipple and stroke downward, trying to tease out the tongue.

    • Promptly place the nipple into baby’s mouth and watch for lips to flange outward on the wider part of the nipple.

    • Listen for swallowing as baby sucks.

    • Halfway through the feeding, turn baby to the other side. Alternatively, baby can sit upright with back rounded and elbows forward.

    • Do not put baby on his or her back to feed.


    • If baby resists or does not begin sucking right away, try squeezing, and then releasing Calma while covering the opening with your finger. This will put a few drops of milk down which may give the baby a little reward to get him started sucking.

    • Point Calma up into the palate, then centre on the tongue.

    • Between sucking bursts, you may notice a few drops of milk slipping from baby’s mouth. This can occur in babies who have not yet mastered the ability to keep the tongue forward and around the teat while breathing between suck bursts.

    • You can help baby overcome this by keeping his chin jutting outward rather than tucked against his chest.

    • As your baby becomes comfortable with Calma, be patient and DON’T GIVE UP!


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