Plus Plus Mini Critters 40-Piece (Gub)-Toys & Learning-Plus-Plus-031563
Plus Plus Mini Critters 40-Piece (Gub)-Toys & Learning-Plus-Plus-031563
  • SKU: 031563 GU

Plus Plus Mini Critters 40-Piece (Gub)


    Meet the Plus-Plus Critters! Small, fun, colourful and mischievous characters.
    The Critters gang consists of the one-eyed coral-red Spud, the frog-like green Thump, the long-legged and clairvoyant apple-green Girt and the little purple Gub.
    You never know what these guys are up to - the only thing you know is that many mischievous things happen when humans do not see them.

    Gub is a pretty quiet Critter, but don’t let that fool you! Despite not having a mouth, he has a lot going on behind those big eyes. Maybe if he was able to share his ideas, he and the Crew wouldn’t get into so much trouble…


    • Recommend Age: 5-12 Years
    • Includes 40 Pieces (Red, Mustard, Forest, Lime, Violet, Black)
    • Meet GUB- one of 4 little cool guys from Plus Plus' gang of Critters
    • Collect all Critters or build your own gang of funny-looking characters
    • Playing with Plus-Plus stimulates the child's creativity, focus and patience
    • Hygienic play - can be washed in washing machine or dishwasher
    • Designed and made in Denmark 
      • Made with 100% wind energy - Plus-Plus is made in Denmark in their own zero-plastic-waste factory powered by renewable energy
      • BPA-free and phthalate-free
      • Each piece measures (in): 0.7 x  0.4 (2 x 1.2 cm)
      • Care Instructions: Plus-Plus is washable. Put it in a mesh bag and wash in washing machine or dishwasher. Max 90 degrees Celsius.


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