Schleich believes that promoting creativity and a rich imagination is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. The best part of it is: a child’s creativity as well as their imagination develop almost by themselves with the right playing concepts.

        Schleich figures can be experienced using one’s eyes and hands due to their high-quality craftsmanship and great surface design. Thanks to constantly new, wonderful playing experiences, the child’s development is stimulated – be it with the lovingly designed individual figures or Schleich's diverse playing worlds.

        Schleich (170)

        Schleich Blind Bag Small (Farm World - Series 2)


        Schleich Horse Club Sofia's Fashion Creation


        Schleich Anteater


        Schleich Lamb


        Schleich Fern


        Schleich Gerbil Set


        Schleich Indian Rhinoceros


        Schleich American Shorthair Cat


        Schleich Maine Coon Cat


        Schleich Postosuchus


        Schleich Horse Club Sarah & Mystery


        Schleich Horse Club Mia & Spotty


        Schleich Bengal Cat


        Schleich Desert Fox


        Schleich Giant Tortoise


        Schleich Large Horse Stable with House & Stable


        Schleich Pony Curtain Obstacle


        Schleich Pachycephalosaurus

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