Quite simply, our goal is for you to buy less stuff because you buy it right the first time and love the product.

Baby & Me Philosophy
Did you know the average person buys FOUR strollers? We know, that sounds crazy! Unfortunately it is true. Strollers are just one of the many products parents buy, try, repeat; buy, try, repeat. The average first time parent doesn't know where to start and may not realize how poorly some baby products are designed or made. That is where we come in!  
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Lifetime of Product Support
We only sell the good stuff. We scrutinize and research every product we bring into our store or put on our website. We have personal shoppers who are experts in everything baby and are here to help you find the right fit for you and your lifestyle. We have a great baby registry, so you only get The Good Stuff. Lifetime of product support - If you have any questions or problems with products from Baby & Me we will do everything we can to get you an answer and make it right.