Shipping charges are automatically applied based on order total and ship-to address.  All orders over $500 will require a signature upon arrival.

Our goal is to pick and pack all in-stock items within 24hrs, and shipped within two business days. Shipments are sent Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. We have carefully selected the fastest, most reliable shipping methods for all eligible products on our site. Your order will ship via UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canpar, or Canada Post. IF you live in an area that is a shipping nightmare and have a preferred carrier, please let us know via the notes section on the order or a follow up email. Deliveries are typically made Monday - Friday, excluding statutory holidays, as our shipping partners do not typically deliver on the weekends or on statutory holidays.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the shipment details and a tracking number for the shipment.

If for any reason there will be delays with your order, a Baby & Me customer service representative will contact you ASAP, but definitely within three business days of the time your order was received Monday - Friday to discuss alternative shipping options. Some orders may be shipped separately due to the size or quantity of items ordered. Canada is a very expensive country to ship within.  If there are any discrepancies with shipping totals, or over-sized items that may require additional shipping charges a Baby & Me customer service representative will contact you to discuss price changes or alternative shipping options.

Once an order has been shipped, our shipping partners may attempt to deliver the order no more than twice. If the recipient is unavailable to receive the order during the first delivery attempt, a delivery notification may be left at the recipient’s door with instructions specific to that shipping partner. If our shipping partners remain unsuccessful in their delivery attempts, the order will be held at the shipping partner’s depot for a limited time, after which the order will be shipped back to Baby & Me. If an order is shipped back to Baby & Me due to unsuccessful delivery, additional shipping charges will need to be paid by the customer  to cover all shipping costs over and above the flat rate the customer has already paid.  This amount will be deducted from the amount refunded when the items arrive back to Baby & Me.  A new order must be placed on our website with an alternative shipping address if the customer wants to try again.

We reserve the right to limit quantities available for sale. We also reserve the right to, at any time, correct, cancel, reject, or terminate any order for any reason at our sole discretion, whether or not the order has been submitted, confirmed and/or charged to your credit card.

At this time, we are only able to ship orders within Canada; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Receiving Your Shipment

The recipient of the order must be present to inspect and receive the delivery. Before signing for your order please review the following:

  • Check to ensure you have received the proper number of packages on your tracking information
  • Check for any damage to the packaging
  • Take a photo of any damage to the packaging

The recipient signature indicates acceptance of the package. If there is any damage to the package please be as detailed as possible on the packing slip before signing and accepting the package. If you sign for the package without noting issues you are accepting the package and its contents as is.

If there are any discrepancies with the order please note this on the packing slip prior to signing. Our shipping partners will not honour any insurance claims if damages or shortages are not recorded and we will therefore be unable to honour any returns. Once the package has been received please immediately check the contents of your order.

If the recipient of the order cannot be present to receive delivery, the recipient must provide a safe place for the courier to deliver the package to help prevent package theft.

Baby & Me is not responsible for any stolen packages once our shipping partners have marked them as delivered.

If you would like your order to be sent with signature required, please put a note requesting this in the Gift Message box in the Shopping Cart, before you Proceed to Checkout.

All shipments are sent with $100 insurance, at no additional charge. If you would like to add additional insurance, put a note requesting this in the Gift Message box in the Shopping Cart, before you Proceed to Checkout. A Baby & Me customer service representative will then contact you regarding additional charges for the added insurance.

Any claims for damages or order discrepancies must be submitted in writing to within 48 hours of receiving the order.

Flat Rate Shipping

As a thank you for shopping with Baby & Me, we are pleased to offer Flat Rate Shipping Shipping for select online orders. Some restrictions apply. 

Our Flat Shipping offer excludes, but exclusions are not limited to, furniture items, clearance or sale items, and select oversized items. Please see product description for any shipping limitations. This offer may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of a discount. This offer is not valid on previous purchases or returns. 

Flat Rate shipping is offered in two tiers and are automatically charged based on order dollar value and postal code orders are shipped to. Tier one areas will be charged $10 for orders over $69 and $20 for orders under $69, and $3 for orders over $499 and will arrive signature required.  Tier two areas will be charged $39 for shipping over on orders over $69 and $59 on orders under $69 and $3 for orders over $699.


Zone 207-208 This Zone has moderate shipping costs.  You will be charged $20 for orders under $69 and $10 for orders over $69.  Orders over $499 will be charged  $3 shipping and will arrive signature required. These rates are applied to address within the following postal Codes. L1A***, L1B***, L1C***, L1E***, L1G***, L1H***, L1J***, L1K***, L1L***, L1M***, L1N***, L1P***, L1R***, L1S***, L1T***, L1V***, L1W***, L1X***, L1Y***, L1Z***, L2A***, L2B***, L2C***, L2E***, L2G***, L2H***, L2J***, L2K***, L2L***, L2M***, L2N***, L2P***, L2R***, L2S***, L2T***, L2V***, L2W***, L2X***, L2Y***, L2Z***, L3A***, L3B***, L3C***, L3E***, L3G***, L3H***, L3J***, L3K***, L3L***, L3M***, L3N***, L3P***, L3R***, L3S***, L3T***, L3V***, L3W***, L3X***, L3Y***, L3Z***, L4A***, L4B***, L4C***, L4E***, L4G***, L4H***, L4J***, L4K***, L4L***, L4M***, L4N***, L4P***, L4R***, L4S***, L4T***, L4V***, L4W***, L4X***, L4Y***, L4Z***, L5A***, L5B***, L5C***, L5E***, L5G***, L5H***, L5J***, L5K***, L5L***, L5M***, L5N***, L5P***, L5R***, L5S***, L5T***, L5V***, L5W***, L5X***, L5Y***, L5Z***, L6A***, L6B***, L6C***, L6E***, L6G***, L6H***, L6J***, L6K***, L6L***, L6M***, L6N***, L6P***, L6R***, L6S***, L6T***, L6V***, L6W***, L6X***, L6Y***, L6Z***, L7A***, L7B***, L7C***, L7E***, L7G***, L7H***, L7J***, L7K***, L7L***, L7M***, L7N***, L7P***, L7R***, L7S***, L7T***, L7V***, L7W***, L7X***, L7Y***, L7Z***, L8A***, L8B***, L8C***, L8E***, L8G***, L8H***, L8J***, L8K***, L8L***, L8M***, L8N***, L8P***, L8R***, L8S***, L8T***, L8V***, L8W***, L8X***, L8Y***, L8Z***, L9A***, L9B***, L9C***, L9E***, L9G***, L9H***, L9J***, L9K***, L9L***, L9M***, L9N***, L9P***, L9R***, L9S***, L9T***, L9V***, L9W***, L9X***, L9Y***, L9Z***, M0A***, M0B***, M0C***, M0E***, M0G***, M0H***, M0J***, M0K***, M0L***, M0M***, M0N***, M0P***, M0R***, M0S***, M0T***, M0V***, M0W***, M0X***, M0Y***, M0Z***, M1A***, M1B***, M1C***, M1E***, M1G***, M1H***, M1J***, M1K***, M1L***, M1M***, M1N***, M1P***, M1R***, M1S***, M1T***, M1V***, M1W***, M1X***, M1Y***, M1Z***, M2A***, M2B***, M2C***, M2E***, M2G***, M2H***, M2J***, M2K***, M2L***, M2M***, M2N***, M2P***, M2R***, M2S***, M2T***, M2V***, M2W***, M2X***, M2Y***, M2Z***, M3A***, M3B***, M3C***, M3E***, M3G***, M3H***, M3J***, M3K***, M3L***, M3M***, M3N***, M3P***, M3R***, M3S***, M3T***, M3V***, M3W***, M3X***, M3Y***, M3Z***, M4A***, M4B***, M4C***, M4E***, M4G***, M4H***, M4J***, M4K***, M4L***, M4M***, M4N***, M4P***, M4R***, M4S***, M4T***, M4V***, M4W***, M4X***, M4Y***, M4Z***, M5A***, M5B***, M5C***, M5E***, M5G***, M5H***, M5J***, M5K***, M5L***, M5M***, M5N***, M5P***, M5R***, M5S***, M5T***, M5V***, M5W***, M5X***, M5Y***, M5Z***, M6A***, M6B***, M6C***, M6E***, M6G***, M6H***, M6J***, M6K***, M6L***, M6M***, M6N***, M6P***, M6R***, M6S***, M6T***, M6V***, M6W***, M6X***, M6Y***, M6Z***, M7A***, M7B***, M7C***, M7E***, M7G***, M7H***, M7J***, M7K***, M7L***, M7M***, M7N***, M7P***, M7R***, M7S***, M7T***, M7V***, M7W***, M7X***, M7Y***, M7Z***, M8A***, M8B***, M8C***, M8E***, M8G***, M8H***, M8J***, M8K***, M8L***, M8M***, M8N***, M8P***, M8R***, M8S***, M8T***, M8V***, M8W***, M8X***, M8Y***, M8Z***, M9A***, M9B***, M9C***, M9E***, M9G***, M9H***, M9J***, M9K***, M9L***, M9M***, M9N***, M9P***, M9R***, M9S***, M9T***, M9V***, M9W***, M9X***, M9Y***, M9Z***, N1A***, N1B***, N1C***, N1E***, N1G***, N1H***, N1J***, N1K***, N1L***, N1M***, N1N***, N1P***, N1R***, N1S***, N1T***, N1V***, N1W***, N1X***, N1Y***, N1Z***, N2A***, N2B***, N2C***, N2E***, N2G***, N2H***, N2J***, N2K***, N2L***, N2M***, N2N***, N2P***, N2R***, N2S***, N2T***, N2V***, N2W***, N2X***, N2Y***, N2Z***, N3A***, N3B***, N3C***, N3E***, N3G***, N3H***, N3J***, N3K***, N3L***, N3M***, N3N***, N3P***, N3R***, N3S***, N3T***, N3V***, N3W***, N3X***, N3Y***, N3Z***, N4A***, N4B***, N4C***, N4E***, N4G***, N4H***, N4J***, N4K***, N4L***, N4M***, N4N***, N4P***, N4R***, N4S***, N4T***, N4V***, N4W***, N4X***, N4Y***, N4Z***, N5A***, N5B***, N5C***, N5E***, N5G***, N5H***, N5J***, N5K***, N5L***, N5M***, N5N***, N5P***, N5R***, N5S***, N5T***, N5V***, N5W***, N5X***, N5Y***, N5Z***, N6A***, N6B***, N6C***, N6E***, N6G***, N6H***, N6J***, N6K***, N6L***, N6M***, N6N***, N6P***, N6R***, N6S***, N6T***, N6V***, N6W***, N6X***, N6Y***, N6Z***, N7A***, N7B***, N7C***, N7E***, N7G***, N7H***, N7J***, N7K***, N7L***, N7M***, N7N***, N7P***, N7R***, N7S***, N7T***, N7V***, N7W***, N7X***, N7Y***, N7Z***, N8A***, N8B***, N8C***, N8E***, N8G***, N8H***, N8J***, N8K***, N8L***, N8M***, N8N***, N8P***, N8R***, N8S***, N8T***, N8V***, N8W***, N8X***, N8Y***, N8Z***, N9A***, N9B***, N9C***, N9E***, N9G***, N9H***, N9J***, N9K***, N9L***, N9M***, N9N***, N9P***, N9R***, N9S***, N9T***, N9V***, N9W***, N9X***, N9Y***, N9Z***, R7A***, R7B***, K0A***, K0B***, K0C***, K0E***, K0G***, K0H***, K1A***, K1B***, K1C***, K1E***, K1G***, K1H***, K1J***, K1K***, K1L***, K1M***, K1N***, K1P***, K1R***, K1S***, K1T***, K1V***, K1W***, K1X***, K1Y***, K1Z***, K2A***, K2B***, K2C***, K2E***, K2G***, K2H***, K2J***, K2K***, K2L***, K2M***, K2N***, K2P***, K2R***, K2S***, K2T***, K2V***, K2W***, K2X***, K2Y***, K2Z***, K3A***, K3B***, K3C***, K3E***, K3G***, K3H***, K3J***, K3K***, K3L***, K3M***, K3N***, K3P***, K3R***, K3S***, K3T***, K3V***, K3W***, K3X***, K3Y***, K3Z***, K4A***, K4B***, K4C***, K4E***, K4G***, K4H***, K4J***, K4K***, K4L***, K4M***, K4N***, K4P***, K4R***, K4S***, K4T***, K4V***, K4W***, K4X***, K4Y***, K4Z***, K5A***, K5B***, K5C***, K5E***, K5G***, K5H***, K5J***, K5K***, K5L***, K5M***, K5N***, K5P***, K5R***, K5S***, K5T***, K5V***, K5W***, K5X***, K5Y***, K5Z***, K6A***, K6B***, K6C***, K6E***, K6G***, K6H***, K6J***, K6K***, K6L***, K6M***, K6N***, K6P***, K6R***, K6S***, K6T***, K6V***, K6W***, K6X***, K6Y***, K6Z***, K7A***, K7B***, K7C***, K7E***, K7G***, K7H***, K7J***, K7K***, K7L***, K7M***, K7N***, K7P***, K7R***, K7S***, K7T***, K8J***, K8K***, K8L***, K8M***, K8N***, K8P***, K8R***, K8S***, K8T***, K8V***, K8W***, K8X***, K8Y***, K8Z***, K9A***, K9B***, K9C***, K9E***, K9G***, K9H***, K9J***, K9K***, K9L***, K9M***, K9N***, K9P***, K9R***, K9S***, K9T***, K9V***, K9W***, K9X***, K9Y***, K9Z***, N0A***, N0B***, N0C***, N0E***, N0G***, N0H***, N0J***, N0K***, N0L***, N0M***, N0N***, N0P***, N0R***, N0S***, N0T***, N0V***, N0W***, N0X***, N0Y***, N0Z***, G1A***, G1B***, G1C***, G1E***, G1G***, G1H***, G1J***, G1K***, G1L***, G1M***, G1N***, G1P***, G1R***, G1S***, G1T***, G1V***, G1W***, G1X***, G1Y***, G1Z***, G2A***, G2B***, G2C***, G2E***, G2G***, G2H***, G2J***, G2K***, G2L***, G2M***, G2N***, G2P***, G2R***, G2S***, G2T***, G2V***, G2W***, G2X***, G2Y***, G2Z***, G3A***, G3B***, G3C***, G3E***, G3G***, G3H***, G3J***, G3K***, H0A***, H0B***, H0C***, H0E***, H0G***, H0H***, H0J***, H0K***, H0L***, H0M***, H0N***, H0P***, H0R***, H0S***, H0T***, H0V***, H0W***, H0X***, H0Y***, H0Z***, H1A***, H1B***, H1C***, H1E***, H1G***, H1H***, H1J***, H1K***, H1L***, H1M***, H1N***, H1P***, H1R***, H1S***, H1T***, H1V***, H1W***, H1X***, H1Y***, H1Z***, H2A***, H2B***, H2C***, H2E***, H2G***, H2H***, H2J***, H2K***, H2L***, H2M***, H2N***, H2P***, H2R***, H2S***, H2T***, H2V***, H2W***, H2X***, H2Y***, H2Z***, H3A***, H3B***, H3C***, H3E***, H3G***, H3H***, H3J***, H3K***, H3L***, H3M***, H3N***, H3P***, H3R***, H3S***, H3T***, H3V***, H3W***, H3X***, H3Y***, H3Z***, H4A***, H4B***, H4C***, H4E***, H4G***, H4H***, H4J***, H4K***, H4L***, H4M***, H4N***, H4P***, H4R***, H4S***, H4T***, H4V***, H4W***, H4X***, H4Y***, H4Z***, H5A***, H5B***, H5C***, H5E***, H5G***, H5H***, H5J***, H5K***, H5L***, H5M***, H5N***, H5P***, H5R***, H5S***, H5T***, H5V***, H5W***, H5X***, H5Y***, H5Z***, H6A***, H6B***, H6C***, H6E***, H6G***, H6H***, H6J***, H6K***, H6L***, H6M***, H6N***, H6P***, H6R***, H6S***, H6T***, H6V***, H6W***, H6X***, H6Y***, H6Z***, H7A***, H7B***, H7C***, H7E***, H7G***, H7H***, H7J***, H7K***, H7L***, H7M***, H7N***, H7P***, H7R***, H7S***, H7T***, H7V***, H7W***, H7X***, H7Y***, H7Z***, H8A***, H8B***, H8C***, H8E***, H8G***, H8H***, H8J***, H8K***, H8L***, H8M***, H8N***, H8P***, H8R***, H8S***, H8T***, H8V***, H8W***, H8X***, H8Y***, H8Z***, H9A***, H9B***, H9C***, H9E***, H9G***, H9H***, H9J***, H9K***, H9L***, H9M***, H9N***, H9P***, H9R***, H9S***, H9T***, H9V***, H9W***, H9X***, H9Y***, H9Z***, J1A***, J1B***, J1C***, J1E***, J1G***, J1H***, J1J***, J1K***, J1L***, J1M***, J1N***, J1P***, J1R***, J1S***, J1T***, J1V***, J1W***, J1X***, J1Y***, J1Z***, J2A***, J2B***, J2C***, J2E***, J2G***, J2H***, J2J***, J2K***, J2L***, J2M***, J2N***, J2P***, J2R***, J2S***, J2T***, J2V***, J2W***, J2X***, J2Y***, J2Z***, J3A***, J3B***, J3C***, J3E***, J3G***, J3H***, J3J***, J3K***, J3L***, J3M***, J3N***, J3P***, J3R***, J3S***, J3T***, J3V***, J3W***, J3X***, J3Y***, J3Z***, J4A***, J4B***, J4C***, J4E***, J4G***, J4H***, J4J***, J4K***, J4L***, J4M***, J4N***, J4P***, J4R***, J4S***, J4T***, J4V***, J4W***, J4X***, J4Y***, J4Z***, J5A***, J5B***, J5C***, J5E***, J5G***, J5H***, J5J***, J5K***, J5L***, J5M***, J5N***, J5P***, J5R***, J5S***, J5T***, J5V***, J5W***, J5X***, J5Y***, J5Z***, J6A***, J6B***, J6C***, J6E***, J6G***, J6H***, J6J***, J6K***, J6L***, J6M***, J6N***, J6P***, J6R***, J6S***, J6T***, J6V***, J6W***, J6X***, J6Y***, J6Z***, J7A***, J7B***, J7C***, J7E***, J7G***, J7H***, J7J***, J7K***, J7L***, J7M***, J7N***, J7P***, J7R***, J7S***, J7T***, J7V***, J7W***, J7X***, J7Y***, J7Z***, J8A***, J8B***, J8C***, J8E***, J8G***, J8H***, J8J***, J8K***


Zone 209 This Zone has higher than average shipping costs.  You will be charged $20 for orders under $69 and $10 for orders over $69.  Orders over $499 will be charged  $3 shipping and arrive signature required. These rates are applied to address within the following postal Codes. T1A***, T1B***, T1C***, T1E***, T1G***, T1H***, T1J***, T1K***, T1L***, T1M***, T1N***, T1P***, T1R***, T1S***, T1T***, T1V***, T1W***, T1X***, T8P***, T8R***, T8S***, T8T***, T8V***, T8W***, T8X***, T8Y***, T8Z***, T9G***, T9H***, T9J***, T9K***, T9L***, T9M***, T9N***, T9P***, T9R***, T9S***, T9T***, T9V***, T9W***, T9X***, T9Y***, T9Z***, K0K***, K0L***, K0M***, K0N***, K0P***, K0R***, K0S***, K0T***, K0V***, K0W***, K0X***, K0Y***, K0Z***, L0A***, L0B***, L0C***, L0E***, L0G***, L0H***, L0J***, L0K***, L0L***, L0M***, L0N***, L0P***, L0R***, L0S***, L0T***, L0V***, L0W***, L0X***, L0Y***, L0Z***, G5V***, G5W***, G5X***, G5Y***, G5Z***, G6A***, G6B***, G6C***, G6E***, G6G***, G6H***, G6J***, G6K***, G6L***, G6M***, G6N***, G6P***, G6R***, G6S***, G6T***, G6V***, G6W***, G6X***, G6Y***, G6Z***, G8T***, G8V***, G8W***, G8X***, G8Y***, G8Z***, G9A***, G9B***, G9C***, J8L***, J8M***, J8N***, J8P***, J8R***, J8S***, J8T***, J8V***, J8W***, J8X***, J8Y***, J8Z***, J9A***, J9B***, J9C***, J9G***, J9H***, J9J***


Zone 210 This Zone has higher than average shipping costs.  You will be charged $39 for orders under $69 and $25 for orders over $69.  Orders over $499 will be charged  $3 shipping and signature is required at delivery. These rates are applied to address within the following postal Codes. S3N***, S3P***, S3R***, S3S***, S3T***, S3V***, S3W***, S3X***, S3Y***, S3Z***, S4A***, S4B***, S4C***, S4E***, S4G***, S4H***, S4J***, S4K***, S4L***, S4M***, S5A***, S5B***, S5C***, S5E***, S5G***, S5H***, S5J***, S5K***, S5L***, S5M***, S5N***, S5P***, S5R***, S5S***, S5T***, S5V***, S5W***, S5X***, S5Y***, S5Z***, S6A***, S6B***, S6C***, S6E***, S6G***, S6H***, S6J***, S6K***, S6L***, S6M***, S6N***, S6P***, S6R***, S6S***, S6T***, S6V***, S6W***, S6X***, S6Y***, S6Z***, S7A***, S7B***, S7C***, S7E***, S7G***, S7W***, S7X***, S7Y***, S7Z***, S8A***, S8B***, S8C***, S8E***, S8G***, S8H***, S8J***, S8K***, S8L***, S8M***, S8N***, S8P***, S8R***, S8S***, S8T***, S8V***, S8W***, S8X***, S8Y***, S8Z***, S9A***, S9B***, S9C***, S9E***, S9G***, S9H***, S9J***, S9K***, S9L***, S9M***, S9N***, S9P***, S9R***, S9S***, S9T***, S9V***, S9W***, S9X***, S9Y***, S9Z***, R1A***, R1B***, R1C***, R1E***, R1G***, R1H***, R1J***, R1K***, R1L***, R1M***, R1N***, R1P***, R1R***, R1S***, R1T***, R1V***, R1W***, R1X***, R1Y***, R1Z***, R2A***, R2B***, R4B***, R4C***, R4E***, R4G***, R4H***, R4J***, R4K***, R4L***, R4M***, R4N***, R4P***, R4R***, R4S***, R4T***, R4V***, R4W***, R4X***, R4Y***, R4Z***, R5A***, R5B***, R5C***, R5E***, R5G***, R5H***, R5J***, R5K***, R5L***, R5M***, R5N***, R5P***, R5R***, R5S***, R5T***, R5V***, R5W***, R5X***, R5Y***, R5Z***, R6A***, R6B***, R6C***, R6E***, R6G***, R6H***, R6J***, R6K***, R6L***, R6M***, R6N***, R6P***, R6R***, R6S***, R6T***, R6V***, R6W***, R6X***, R6Y***, R6Z***, R7C***, R7E***, R7G***, R7H***, R7J***, R7K***, R7L***, R7M***, R7N***, R7P***, R7R***, R7S***, R7T***, R7V***, R7W***, R7X***, R7Y***, R7Z***, R8A***, R8B***, R8C***, R8E***, R8G***, R8H***, R8J***, R8K***, R8L***, R8M***, R8N***, R8P***, R8R***, R8S***, R8T***, R8V***, R8W***, R8X***, R8Y***, R8Z***, R9A***, R9B***, R9C***, R9E***, R9G***, R9H***, R9J***, R9K***, R9L***, R9M***, R9N***, R9P***, R9R***, R9S***, R9T***, R9V***, R9W***, R9X***, R9Y***, R9Z***, K7V***, K7W***, K7X***, K7Y***, K7Z***, K8A***, K8B***, K8C***, K8E***, K8G***, K8H***, G0A***, G0M***, G0N***, G0P***, G0R***, G0S***, G0X***, G0Y***, G0Z***, G5A***, G9E***, G9G***, G9H***, G9J***, G9K***, G9L***, G9M***, G9N***, G9P***, G9R***, G9S***, G9T***, G9V***, G9W***, G9X***, G9Y***, G9Z***


Zone 211 This Zone has very high shipping costs.  You will be charged $59 for orders under $69 and $39 for orders over $69. Orders over $499 require a signature for delivery.  These rates are applied to address within the following postal Codes. V0E***,T0E***, T0A***, T0B***, T0G***, T0H***, T0J***, T0K***, T0L***, T0M***, T0N***, T0P***, T0R***, T0S***, T0T***, T0V***, T0W***, T0X***, T0Y***, T0Z***, S0A***, S0B***, S0C***, S0E***, S0G***, S0H***, S0J***, S0K***, S0L***, S0M***, S0N***, S0P***, S0R***, S0S***, S0T***, S0V***, S0W***, S0X***, S0Y***, S0Z***, S1A***, S1B***, S1C***, S1E***, S1G***, S1H***, S1J***, S1K***, S1L***, S1M***, S1N***, S1P***, S1R***, S1S***, S1T***, S1V***, S1W***, S1X***, S1Y***, S1Z***, S2A***, S2B***, S2C***, S2E***, S2G***, S2H***, S2J***, S2K***, S2L***, S2M***, S2N***, S2P***, S2R***, S2S***, S2T***, S2V***, S2W***, S2X***, S2Y***, S2Z***, S3A***, S3B***, S3C***, S3E***, S3G***, S3H***, S3J***, S3K***, S3L***, S3M***, K0J***, P1A***, P1B***, P1C***, P1E***, P1G***, P1H***, P1J***, P1K***, P1L***, P1M***, P1N***, P1P***, P1R***, P1S***, P1T***, P1V***, P1W***, P1X***, P1Y***, P1Z***, P2P***, P2R***, P2S***, P2T***, P2V***, P2W***, P2X***, P2Y***, P2Z***, P3A***, P3B***, P3C***, P3E***, P3G***, P3H***, P3J***, P3K***, P3L***, P3M***, P3N***, P3P***, P3R***, P3S***, P3T***, P3V***, P3W***, P3X***, P3Y***, P3Z***, P4A***, P4B***, P4C***, P4E***, P4G***, P4H***, P4J***, P4K***, P4L***, P4M***, P4N***, P4P***, P4R***, P5P***, P5R***, P5S***, P5T***, P5V***, P5W***, P5X***, P5Y***, P5Z***, P6A***, P6B***, P6C***, P6E***, P6G***, P6H***, P6J***, P6K***, P6L***, P6M***, P6N***, P6P***, P6R***, P6S***, P6T***, P6V***, P6W***, P6X***, P6Y***, P6Z***, P7A***, P7B***, P7C***, P7E***, P7G***, P7H***, P7J***, P7K***, P7L***, P7M***, P7N***, P7P***, P7R***, P7S***, P7T***, P7V***, P7W***, P7X***, P7Y***, P7Z***, P8A***, P8B***, P8C***, P8E***, P8G***, P8H***, P8J***, P8K***, P8L***, P8M***, P8N***, P8P***, P8R***, P8S***, P8T***, P8V***, P8W***, P8X***, P8Y***, P8Z***, P9A***, P9B***, P9C***, P9E***, P9G***, P9H***, P9J***, P9K***, P9L***, P9M***, P9N***, P9P***, P9R***, P9S***, P9T***, P9V***, P9W***, P9X***, P9Y***, P9Z***, E1A***, E1B***, E1C***, E1E***, E1G***, E2H***, E2J***, E2K***, E2L***, E2M***, E2N***, E2P***, E2R***, E2S***, E3A***, E3B***, E3C***, E3E***, G3L***, G3M***, G3N***, G3P***, G3R***, G3S***, G3T***, G3V***, G3W***, G3X***, G3Y***, G3Z***, G4A***, G4B***, G4C***, G4E***, G4G***, G4H***, G4J***, G4K***, G4L***, G4M***, G4N***, G4P***, G4R***, G4S***, G4T***, G4V***, G4W***, G4X***, G4Y, ***, G4Z***, G7A***, G7B***, G7C***, G7E***, G7G***, G7H***, G7J***, G7K***, G7L***, G7M***, G7N***, G7P***, G7R***, G7S***, G7T***, G7V***, G7W***, G7X***, G7Y***, G7Z***, G8A***, G8B***, G8C***, J9K***, J9L***, C1A***, C1B***, C1C***, C1E***, B2V***, B2W***, B2X***, B2Y***, B2Z***, B3A***, B3B***, B3C***, B3E***, B3G***, B3H***, B3J***, B3K***, B3L***, B3M***, B3N***, B3P***, B3R***, B3S***, B3T***, B3V***, B3W***, B3X***, B3Y***, B3Z***

Zone 212 This Zone has very high shipping costs.  You will be charged $59 for orders under $69 and $39 for orders over $69. Orders above $499 require a signature at delivery. These rates are applied to address within the following postal Codes. R0A***, R0B***, R0C***, R0E***, R0G***, R0H***, R0J***, R0K***, R0L***, R0M***, R0N***, R0P***, R0R***, R0S***, R0T***, R0V***, R0W***, R0X***, R0Y***, R0Z***, P0A***, P0B***, P0C***, P0E***, P0G***, P0H***, P0J***, P0K***, P0L***, P0M***, P0N***, P0P***, P0R***, P0S***, P0T***, P0V***, P0W***, P0X***, P0Y***, P0Z***, P2A***, P2B***, P2C***, P2E***, P2G***, P2H***, P2J***, P2K***, P2L***, P2M***, P2N***, P4S***, P4T***, P4V***, P4W***, P4X***, P4Y***, P4Z***, P5A***, P5B***, P5C***, P5E***, P5G***, P5H***, P5J***, P5K***, P5L***, P5M***, P5N***, E0A***, E0B***, E0C***, E0E***, E0G***, E0H***, E0J***, E0K***, E0L***, E0M***, E0N***, E0P***, E0R***, E0S***, E0T***, E0V***, E0W***, E0X***, E0Y***, E0Z***, E1H***, E1J***, E1K***, E1L***, E1M***, E1N***, E1P***, E1R***, E1S***, E1T***, E1V***, E1W***, E1X***, E1Y***, E1Z***, E2A***, E2B***, E2C***, E2E***, E2G***, E2T***, E2V***, E2W***, E2X***, E2Y***, E2Z***, E3G***, E3H***, E3J***, E3K***, E3L***, E3M***, E3N***, E3P***, E3R***, E3S***, E3T***, E3V***, E3W***, E3X***, E3Y***, E3Z***, E4A***, E4B***, E4C***, E4E***, E4G***, E4H***, E4J***, E4K***, E4L***, E4M***, E4N***, E4P***, E4R***, E4S***, E4T***, E4V***, E4W***, E4X***, E4Y***, E4Z***, E5A***, E5B***, E5C***, E5E***, E5G***, E5H***, E5J***, E5K***, E5L***, E5M***, E5N***, E5P***, E5R***, E5S***, E5T***, E5V***, E5W***, E5X***, E5Y***, E5Z***, E6A***, E6B***, E6C***, E6E***, E6G***, E6H***, E6J***, E6K***, E6L***, E6M***, E6N***, E6P***, E6R***, E6S***, E6T***, E6V***, E6W***, E6X***, E6Y***, E6Z***, E7A***, E7B***, E7C***, E7E***, E7G***, E7H***, E7J***, E7K***, E7L***, E7M***, E7N***, E7P***, E7R***, E7S***, E7T***, E7V***, E7W***, E7X***, E7Y***, E7Z***, E8A***, E8B***, E8C***, E8E***, E8G***, E8H***, E8J***, E8K***, E8L***, E8M***, E8N***, E8P***, E8R***, E8S***, E8T***, E8V***, E8W***, E8X***, E8Y***, E8Z***, E9A***, E9B***, E9C***, E9E***, E9G***, E9H***, E9J***, E9K***, E9L***, E9M***, E9N***, E9P***, E9R***, E9S***, E9T***, E9V***, E9W***, E9X***, E9Y***, E9Z***, G0B***, G0C***, G0E***, G0G***, G0H***, G0J***, G0K***, G0L***, G0T***, G0V***, G0W***, G5B***, G5C***, G5E***, G5G***, G5H***, G5J***, G5K***, G5L***, G5M***, G5N***, G5P***, G5R***, G5S***, G5T***, G8E***, G8G***, G8H***, G8J***, G8K***, G8L***, G8M***, G8N***, G8P***, G8R***, G8S***, J0M***, J0W***, J0X***, J0Y***, J0Z***, J9E***, J9M***, J9N***, J9P***, J9R***, J9S***, J9T***, J9V***, J9W***, J9X***, J9Y***, J9Z***, C0A***, C0B***, C0C***, C0E***, C0G***, C0H***, C0J***, C0K***, C0L***, C0M***, C0N***, C0P***, C0R***, C0S***, C0T***, C0V***, C0W***, C0X***, C0Y***, C0Z***, C1G***, C1H***, C1J***, C1K***, C1L***, C1M***, C1N***, C1P***, C1R***, C1S***, C1T***, C1V***, C1W***, C1X***, C1Y***, C1Z***, C2A***, C2B***, C2C***, C2E***, C2G***, C2H***, C2J***, C2K***, C2L***, C2M***, C2N***, C2P***, C2R***, C2S***, C2T***, C2V***, C2W***, C2X***, C2Y***, C2Z***, C3A***, C3B***, C3C***, C3E***, C3G***, C3H***, C3J***, C3K***, C3L***, C3M***, C3N***, C3P***, C3R***, C3S***, C3T***, C3V***, C3W***, C3X***, C3Y***, C3Z***, C4A***, C4B***, C4C***, C4E***, C4G***, C4H***, C4J***, C4K***, C4L***, C4M***, C4N***, C4P***, C4R***, C4S***, C4T***, C4V***, C4W***, C4X***, C4Y***, C4Z***, C5A***, C5B***, C5C***, C5E***, C5G***, C5H***, C5J***, C5K***, C5L***, C5M***, C5N***, C5P***, C5R***, C5S***, C5T***, C5V***, C5W***, C5X***, C5Y***, C5Z***, C6A***, C6B***, C6C***, C6E***, C6G***, C6H***, C6J***, C6K***, C6L***, C6M***, C6N***, C6P***, C6R***, C6S***, C6T***, C6V***, C6W***, C6X***, C6Y***, C6Z***, C7A***, C7B***, C7C***, C7E***, C7G***, C7H***, C7J***, C7K***, C7L***, C7M***, C7N***, C7P***, C7R***, C7S***, C7T***, C7V***, C7W***, C7X***, C7Y***, C7Z***, C8A***, C8B***, C8C***, C8E***, C8G***, C8H***, C8J***, C8K***, C8L***, C8M***, C8N***, C8P***, C8R***, C8S***, C8T***, C8V***, C8W***, C8X***, C8Y***, C8Z***, C9A***, C9B***, C9C***, C9E***, C9G***, C9H***, C9J***, C9K***, C9L***, C9M***, C9N***, C9P***, C9R***, C9S***, C9T***, C9V***, C9W***, C9X***, C9Y***, C9Z***, B0A***, B0B***, B0C***, B0E***, B0G***, B0H***, B0J***, B0K***, B0L***, B0M***, B0N***, B0P***, B0R***, B0S***, B0T***, B0V***, B0W***, B0X***, B0Y***, B0Z***, B1A***, B1B***, B1C***, B1E***, B1G***, B1H***, B1J***, B1K***, B1L***, B1M***, B1N***, B1P***, B1R***, B1S***, B1T***, B1V***, B1W***, B1X***, B1Y***, B1Z***, B2A***, B2B***, B2C***, B2E***, B2G***, B2H***, B2J***, B2K***, B2L***, B2M***, B2N***, B2P***, B2R***, B2S***, B2T***, B4A***, B4B***, B4C***, B4E***, B4G***, B4H***, B4J***, B4K***, B4L***, B4M***, B4N***, B4P***, B4R***, B4S***, B4T***, B4V***, B4W***, B4X***, B4Y***, B4Z***, B5A***, B5B***, B5C***, B5E***, B5G***, B5H***, B5J***, B5K***, B5L***, B5M***, B5N***, B5P***, B5R***, B5S***, B5T***, B5V***, B5W***, B5X***, B5Y***, B5Z***, B6A***, B6B***, B6C***, B6E***, B6G***, B6H***, B6J***, B6K***, B6L***, B6M***, B6N***, B6P***, B6R***, B6S***, B6T***, B6V***, B6W***, B6X***, B6Y***, B6Z***, B7A***, B7B***, B7C***, B7E***, B7G***, B7H***, B7J***, B7K***, B7L***, B7M***, B7N***, B7P***, B7R***, B7S***, B7T***, B7V***, B7W***, B7X***, B7Y***, B7Z***, B8A***, B8B***, B8C***, B8E***, B8G***, B8H***, B8J***, B8K***, B8L***, B8M***, B8N***, B8P***, B8R***, B8S***, B8T***, B8V***, B8W***, B8X***, B8Y***, B8Z***, B9A***, B9B***, B9C***, B9E***, B9G***, B9H***, B9J***, B9K***, B9L***, B9M***, B9N***, B9P***, B9R***, B9S***, B9T***, B9V***, B9W***, B9X***, B9Y***, B9Z***, A0A***, A0B***, A0C***, A0E***, A0G***, A0H***, A0J***, A0K***, A0L***, A0M***, A0N***, A0P***, A0R***, A0S***, A0T***, A0V***, A0W***, A0X***, A0Y***, A0Z***, A1A***, A1B***, A1C***, A1E***, A1G***, A1H***, A1J***, A1K***, A1L***, A1M***, A1N***, A1P***, A1R***, A1S***, A1T***, A1V***, A1W***, A1X***, A1Y***, A1Z***, A2A***, A2B***, A2C***, A2E***, A2G***, A2H***, A2J***, A2K***, A2L***, A2M***, A2N***, A2P***, A2R***, A2S***, A2T***, A2V***, A2W***, A2X***, A2Y***, A2Z***, A3A***, A3B***, A3C***, A3E***, A3G***, A3H***, A3J***, A3K***, A3L***, A3M***, A3N***, A3P***, A3R***, A3S***, A3T***, A3V***, A3W***, A3X***, A3Y***, A3Z***, A4A***, A4B***, A4C***, A4E***, A4G***, A4H***, A4J***, A4K***, A4L***, A4M***, A4N***, A4P***, A4R***, A4S***, A4T***, A4V***, A4W***, A4X***, A4Y***, A4Z***, A5A***, A5B***, A5C***, A5E***, A5G***, A5H***, A5J***, A5K***, A5L***, A5M***, A5N***, A5P***, A5R***, A5S***, A5T***, A5V***, A5W***, A5X***, A5Y***, A5Z***, A6A***, A6B***, A6C***, A6E***, A6G***, A6H***, A6J***, A6K***, A6L***, A6M***, A6N***, A6P***, A6R***, A6S***, A6T***, A6V***, A6W***, A6X***, A6Y***, A6Z***, A7A***, A7B***, A7C***, A7E***, A7G***, A7H***, A7J***, A7K***, A7L***, A7M***, A7N***, A7P***, A7R***, A7S***, A7T***, A7V***, A7W***, A7X***, A7Y***, A7Z***, A8A***, A8B***, A8C***, A8E***, A8G***, A8H***, A8J***, A8K***, A8L***, A8M***, A8N***, A8P***, A8R***, A8S***, A8T***, A8V***, A8W***, A8X***, A8Y***, A8Z***, A9A***, A9B***, A9C***, A9E***, A9G***, A9H***, A9J***, A9K***, A9L***, A9M***, A9N***, A9P***, A9R***, A9S***, A9T***, A9V***, A9W***, A9X***, A9Y***, A9Z***, V0C***, V0B***, V0A***, V0G***, V0J***, V0L***, J0A***, J0B***, J0C***, J0E***, J0G***, J0H***, J0J***, J0K***, J0L***, J0N***, J0P***, J0R***, J0S***, J0T***, J0V***

Some Postal Codes may be listed above that the Shipping Prices are too high for us to ship and any orders placed in those postal codes will be cancelled.