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Schleich Panda Cub, Playing


    Panda bears start small. Extremely small. At birth they weigh just around 100 grams. That's as much as a bar of chocolate or a small yogurt. Apart from the Kangaroos, no other mammal gives birth to such small babies. After four weeks, the cubs have their typical black and white fur, after 6-8 weeks, they open their eyes for the first time. They remain with their mother for about two years and are very playful. Their mother likes to roll them back and forth gently and lovingly grapples around with them.


    • Fun Fact: Pandas love to do somersaults.
    • Hand-painted and highly-detailed
    • Schleich Item # 14734
    • Dimensions(in): 1.4 W x 1.6 D x 1.8 H (3.5 W x 4 D x 4.5 H cm)


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