Social Distancing Store Floor Closure Announcement

 (Original March 18th, 2020)

Updated April 18, 2020

Making decisions in a rapidly changing business environment is always a challenge, but when the decision can affect if your kids grow up with's an easy one.

Our sales floor is closed to the public to encourage Social Distancing..

As with other small businesses that are making this choice, we don't know what this will mean for the future of our store. But for now, we know that the products we sell and the service we provide is still needed and appreciated, and we know we have the best clients in the world.

Here is the current plan.

Our products and services are an Essential Service, so we aren't going anywhere!

Our store is staffed Monday - Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-4

Don is available for an In-store Personal Shopping Experience after normal business hours by appointment. Please Text Don for additional information. 250-864-6124

Being that our in-store operation was responsible for 99% of our daily sales, we are investing heavily into to continue to support our clients.  We've added Free Valet Pickup and Free Local Delivery directly through the checkout process on our site.  Fast and Easy! We're working just as hard to earn your business online as we did in the store.

We are focusing on your experience and listening to feedback about the site and its performance.  The more you tell us, the better we can make the site for you!

Car Seat Installation and Training

With 9/10 car seats installed incorrectly, we will still do car seat installs with new parents and for kids that have grown out of their car seats and have purchased them through Baby & Me.

Call us 250-717-0556 or find us on Facebook or Instagram Messenger.

"There is opportunity in any struggle.  An opportunity to learn, to share, to become something beautiful and new. I am thankful for the struggle" Don