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Schleich Beaver


    Knock, knock, knock. Who’s working at this time of the morning? The Beaver from Schleich® Wild Life. The big rodent is really busy. It easily builds wooden castles and deck chairs. Especially with its large incisors. They let it easily sharpen trees and pencils then shape them as desired. For example into a racecar. It usually uses wood to build dams, with a house hidden underneath away from predators and parents. A thick coat keeps it warm even when the water is cold. But it still loves sleeping under your duvet. Only once it is dry again.


    • Recommended Age: 3-8 Years
    • Fun Fact: Beavers nibble on branches a lot. They have iron in them, which turn their teeth orange.
    • Hand-painted and highly-detailed
    • Schleich# 14855
    • Dimensions (in): 3.8 W x 1.1 D x 1.3 H (9.8 W x 2.7 D x 3.5 H cm)


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