Schleich Crocodile-Toys & Learning-Schleich-008164
Schleich Crocodile-Toys & Learning-Schleich-008164
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Schleich Crocodile


    The saltwater crocodile is the most dangerous of all crocodiles. It holds the record for the largest crocodile: It can weigh up to a ton, as much as a small car. While most crocodiles live in rivers and lakes, the saltwater crocodile is the only one that can deal with both fresh water and saltwater of the seas. In addition to the saltwater crocodile, there are many other kinds, a total of 25. These include, for example, the Nile crocodile, the armored crocodile, alligators and caimans.


    • Fun Fact: The saltwater crocodile is the world’s largest crocodile.
    • Hand-painted and highly-detailed
    • Schleich Item # 14736
    • Dimensions(in): 7.1 W x 2.6 D x 2 H (18 W x 6.6 D x 5 H cm)


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