Schleich Utahraptor-Toys & Learning-Schleich-009219
Schleich Utahraptor-Toys & Learning-Schleich-009219
  • SKU: 009219 UR

Schleich Utahraptor


    Utahraptor was a fast, agile raptor, which would hunt herbivorous dinosaurs. On the second toe of its hind foot, it had an unusually long, crescent-shaped claw. Probably it helped it to hold onto prey like Iguanodon.


    • Fun Fact: The hooked claw on Utahraptor's hind feet could exceed 8.6" (22 cm) in length.
    • Hand-painted and highly-detailed
    • Schleich# 14582
    • Dimensions(in): 7.8 W x 3 D x 3.7 H (19.8 W x 7.6 D x 9.3 H cm)


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